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Exploring Majors

What is a major?

A major is your primary emphasis for your degree. It will range from 30 to over 100 credits, depending on your college and its requirements. Think of it as the academic area you want to specialize in.

Why Explore?

The U has over 130 majors! Even if you know what you want to study, it is helpful to consider all of your options. You might discover a new interest even better than your first idea. Or, you may find that you need other options if your first plan doesn't work out.

We recommend that every student have 2-3 majors in mind they are excited about. Think of it like a contingency plan!

Explore Majors

Navigating Majors across U of M Colleges

All undergraduate students at the U of M are admitted to a college. Each college has a collection of majors available to students in that college.

If you are interested in a major outside of your current college, check out our Transfer Within The U resource page.

Transfer Info

The Action Plan

Like piecing together a puzzle, there isn't one right place to start and you never know which piece makes the rest fall into place.

Create your Action Plan to establish your starting point and the steps you'll take along the way.

Action Plan

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