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It is important to identify/organize your interests, and to reflect on how your interests align with the majors and careers you are exploring. The following are some ways to help you clarify your interests:

  • Online Interest Assessment located on the CAREERwise website.
  • Take the Strong Interest Inventory (most career centers and CAPE offer this assessment through their office)

Long term interests might include:

  • Analyze a business to determine how it could operate better
  • Control the financial resources of a company, organization, or agency
  • Manage natural resources, such as park, forest, or wetland
  • Manage the business interests of professional athletes, artists or performers
  • Analyze financial records to determine the health of a company
  • Help customers resolve a problem with a product or service
  • Be the spokesperson for an organization
  • Design a marketing or sales campaign
  • Sell a product or service
  • Create written materials for others to speak or read

Also, spend some time reflecting….

  • How did you first become interested in business?
  • Do you enjoy crunching numbers?
  • Do you enjoy taking leadership positions?
  • Would you describe yourself as having a persuasive personality?
  • Have people said, "You have an entrepreneurial spirit?" What does that description mean to you?
  • What aspect of business interests you the most? The least?


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