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Consider a broad range of engagement opportunities that align with your interests and develop the skills listed on the STEM skills page.

Here is a list of ideas to explore and further increase your STEM skills

  • Help a community organization with a fundraising event or other project that uses budgeting and math skills.
  • Participate in a data-collection project to gain experience writing surveys, conducting interviews, and analyzing data using standard database software.
  • Teach youth at a science summer camp or after-school program.
  • Try programming your own video game or customizing your favorite. You can often download free software from the Internet.
  • Explore a technical hobby. Learn about computer languages and coding, explore product design, join the robotics club, and use an online forum to share how you did it.
  • Job shadow or have an Informational Interview with an engineer or someone in a technical field of interest.
  • Learn computer applications or technology related to a field of interest, like CAD for architecture or SQL for database work.



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