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Some majors may be more STEM obvious than others, so it's important to familiarize yourself with the range of possibilities to explore. Below you will find a list of STEM majors broken into two parts:

  • LIST I: Majors that focus exclusively on mathematics, natural sciences (including physical sciences and biological/agricultural sciences), engineering/engineering technologies, and computer/information sciences.
  • LIST II: Majors with a math/science foundation that also help build the skills for those interested in many STEM career fields.

    Note: Many of the majors below are competitive majors and it is important to check with the college about admissions requirements and application procedures.

    Review these lists and choose a few majors to explore based on your interests and goals. Use the Major profiles page to learn more about each major of interest.

List I:

  • Biochemistry BS
  • Biology BS
  • Ecology Evolution Behavior BS
  • Genetics/Cell Biology BS
  • Microbiology BS
  • Neuroscience BS
  • Plant Biology BS
  • Manufacturing Technology BASc
  • Animal Science BS
  • Sustainable Systems Mgmt BS
  • Env Sciences Policy & Mgmt BS
  • Fisheries & Wildlife BS
  • Food Science BS
  • Forest and Nat Res Mgmt BS
  • Nutrition BS
  • Plant Science BS
  • Astrophysics BA
  • Biology, Society, & Environ BA
  • Chemistry BA
  • Computer Science BA
  • Earth Science BA
  • Mathematics BA
  • Physics BA
  • Physiology BA
  • Statistics BA
  • Aerospace Engineering BAEM
  • Astrophysics BSAstrop
  • Biomedical Engr BBiomEngr
  • Bioprod & Biosys Engr BBBE
  • Chemical Engineering BChE
  • Chemistry BSChem
  • Civil Engineering BCE
  • Computer Engineering BCompE
  • Computer Science BSCompSc
  • Earth Science BS
  • Electrical Engineering BEE
  • Environmental Engnr BEnvE
  • Geological Engineering BGeoE
  • Ind & Systems Engr BISyE
  • Materials Science BMatSE
  • Mathematics BSMath
  • Mechanical Engr BME
  • Physics BS Phys
  • Statistics BS Stat

List II:

  • Medical Lab Science BS
  • Construction Mgmt BS
  • Inter College Program (HealthWellness) BS
  • Architecture BS
  • Kinesiology BS
  • Agricultural Education BS
  • Agricultural Indust/Mktg BS
  • Agricultural/Food Business Management BS
  • Applied Economics BS
  • Food Systems BS
  • Sustainable Systems Management BS
  • Economics BS
  • Speech Language Hearing Science BA
  • Technical Writing and Communication BS
  • Psychology BS
  • Product Design BS
  • Geography BS
  • Economics-Quant Emphasis BA
  • Economics BS
  • Management Info Systems BSB
  • Dental Hygiene BSDH
  • Nursing


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