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What are employers looking for?

When considering a STEM Major, it's important to think about your interests and skills in the following areas (adapted from

  • Analytical skills to research a topic, develop a project plan and timeline, and draw conclusions from research results.
  • Science skills (biology, chemistry, physics) to break down a complex scientific system into smaller parts, recognize cause and effect relationships, and defend opinions using facts.
  • Mathematic skills for calculations and measurements.
  • Attention to detail to follow a standard blueprint, record data accurately, or write instructions.
  • Technical skills to troubleshoot the source of a problem, repair a machine, or debug an operating system, and computer capabilities to stay current on appropriate software and equipment.

Along with the list above, it’s also important to consider your interests and skills in these areas:

  • Communication skills to listen to customer needs or interact with project partners.
  • Creative abilities to solve problems and develop new ideas.
  • Leadership skills to lead projects.
  • Organization skills to keep track of lots of different information.



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