Department Resources

Reserving a Table

Departments who would like to reserve a table at the event are asked to fill out the RSVP form. Please fill out a separate form for each table you are requesting (if you are filling this form out on behalf of multiple departments). If you would like to represent multiple majors or minors at one table, there will be space to indicate this on the form as well. You will also need to indicate a key contact person for your department, ideally the same person who will be staffing the event. This will be the person we will send all follow up information and event details to.

We ask that departments RSVP to help us get an accurate count of who will be attending and plan the layout. There is a possibility that we will max out on space, so early registration is encouraged!

Department RSVP Form


Suggested Materials to Bring

Display board to visually promote your major(s) and/or minor(s)
Handouts or brochures Information about career paths related to the major/minor
Information about how to declare the major (for students already in the college)
Information about how to transfer (for students interested in Inter College Transfer)
Candy, pens, any other giveaway items for students to take with them
Games or interactive activities to engage students
Business cards of key contacts to pass out to students


Flyer & Brochure TEmplates

If you do not already have a flyer or brochure for your major or minor, feel free to download these templates and create materials within a matter of minutes!

Single Page Flyer Template Tri-Fold Brochure Template


What will be provided for departments

Departments will be provided with a 6 foot table (please note that departments may be asked to share a table with another department). The planning committee will also be providing printed signs to be displayed on the backboard behind each table that indicates which major(s) and/or minor(s) are represented at your table.

Access to electrical outlets will NOT be provided. If you plan to bring a laptop to showcase information electronically, please be sure that the battery is fully charged.

Light refreshments and snacks will also be available for staff throughout the event.

PromotionAL Materials

Promotion of this event will be coordinated by the Center for Academic Planning & Exploration and the Office of Undergraduate Education. Materials will be distibuted to those who requested items by the end of winter break.

If you are interested in promoting the Major/Minor Expo on social media or in your unit, department, or college, we have several example posts and graphics in our Major/Minor Expo Marketing & Media Kit.

Marketing & Media Kit