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You want to learn about careers?

How often have you heard someone say the title of their job and wondered what they actually do at work? It can be difficult to know if you are interested in a specific job or career field if you don't know much about what doing that job entails. Use these steps to explore vital information on careers and the workplace.

    Step One: Search career databases for information on careers of interest.

    Career databases offer a wealth of career-information; including, education requirements, job outlooks, salary options, job duties, and workplace environment. Exploring careers on these types of databases can give you an intimate look at the ins-and-outs of specific occupations.

    Check out iseek, a State of Minnesota site, that allows you to search careers by title (ex. "Teacher") and by Career Clusters. You can also Search All Careers and explore the 850+ profiles available on the site.


    Step Two: Connect majors to careers.

    Within each career profile, there will be an "Education and Credentials" tab that will give suggestions for majors that could be a good fit for those interested in pursuing each occupation. To learn more about the majors suggested, visit the CAPE Major Profiles.


    Step Three: Consider taking a career exploration course or schedule a career counseling appointment to further explore your interests.

    Most colleges on campus have a specific careers services center that can help you learn more about on-campus major and career exploration opportunities. Check to find your college's career center.


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