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Connecting Interests and Majors

All majors at the U of M have a corresponding three-letter interest code. If you have taken the Strong Interest Inventory assessment and know your interests, you can use the interest codes listed next to each major to see how your interests match the major.

The Strong Interest Inventory has 6 different interest groups:

Realistic (R) – Technically and athletically incline people who have mechanical ingenuity and prefer to work on their own using their hands and tools to build, repair, grow, or make things, often outdoors.

Investigative (I)– Abstract problem solvers who prefer to work on their own, using their minds to observe, learn, investigate, research and solve abstract problems, frequently in a scientifically related area.

Artistic (A) – Idea creators who enjoy working with little supervision, innovating, problem-solving imaginatively, enjoy artistic expression, and creating, sometimes in the performing, visual and literary arts.

Social (S) – People helpers who like to work with people, to inform, enlighten, help, train, develop, or cure them.

Enterprising (E) – People influencers who like to work with people, actively influencing, leading or managing them toward organizational goals. Comfortable in business settings.

Conventional (C) – Data and detail people who prefer to work with data (words and numbers), carrying out detailed instructions or following a prescribed plan.

If you want to learn more about your interests by taking the Strong Interest Inventory, contact your career services office or CAPE to set up a meeting. You can also take a brief free interest assessment.



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