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Name: Meghan Schmidt
Graduation Year:

Hometown: Neenah, WI

Emily Timmerman

How and why did you choose your major?

While working with CAPE, my coach suggested I take Introduction to Sociology (SOC 1001) during the spring semester of my junior year. I knew within the first few weeks of the course that I would absolutely love it, and I was right. At the end of the semester, I was looking for courses to register for the fall semester. All of the sociology courses sounded really interesting to me, and that's when I knew I wanted to change my major. Studying sociology has provided me with a different perspective on the world, and I feel like I have grown a lot as a person because of it. I could not be happier with my sociology major!

Please give a description (in your words) of your major including the things you learn, favorite classes, and any challenges you have faced.

In sociology, you get to learn about the social world. You study how society shapes individuals, as well as ways in which individuals can influence society. The complexities of society are truly fascinating, and sociology enables you to dive in to the depths of our world and how/why we interact with it the ways that we do. I have truly enjoyed all of my courses, though I would have to say my two favorite sociology classes would be Social Theory (SOC 3701) and World Population Problems (SOC 3511). The challenges of being a sociology major would be preparing yourself to view the world in a whole new way!

What types of experiences outside of the classroom have you had relating to your major? (i.e. clubs, jobs, internships, volunteering, study abroad etc.)

Sociology relates to almost any experience outside of the classroom, because it focuses so much on how individuals and society work. Specifically, I was a member of the University of Minnesota Sociological Association, where we hosted/attended events catered to the needs and interests of fellow sociology majors. In my position as a Peer Advisor in the College of Liberal Arts Bruininks Hall Advising office, I was able to apply much of what I have learned as a sociology major to helping the students who came in to talk with me.

In your opinion, what is one thing, or one piece of advice that other students pursuing your major should know?

Sociology has been a life-changing subject for me in so many ways. Be prepared to challenge yourself and don't be afraid to go against the grain!

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