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Students approach choosing a major from many different angles and perspectives. As staff, we want to help each find a major that matches their interests, skills, and values, and set them on a path toward successful completion of that program. The CAPE online Action Plan offers a dynamic way to explore majors, interests, and opportunities with the students you work with to aid in their exploration and success.

Even if your student has a clear idea of what major they want to go into and a career they want to pursue, the Action Plan provides a way to facilitate discussion toward deeper exploration and understanding of how that major aligns with their interests, extra-curricular life, and future plans.

Below are a few quick instructions about how to get started using the Action Plan with your students.

How to Look at Guides

Guides are what make up the core of the Action Plan. Each segment focuses on different elements of the major decision process.

To take a look at what kind of questions the guides will be asking, you don’t need to log in. All you need to do is go to and start exploring the different tabs at the top of the page, (Ex: Self Awareness, Majors, Careers).

To view the complete online guides, and to see the kinds of activities students will be completing,  click the gray button that says Log In and enter in your U of M x500 and password. You can also see a pdf version of each guide by visiting

How to Create a Personalized Plan With Your Student

When you’re ready to make an Action Plan with your student, make sure you’re logged out of the U of M server (which may involve closing down your Internet browser) and then have them log into the Action Plan.

You can pick and choose from our many different guides. There are six categories, with several guides within each category. You can help students decide which guide(s) would be most helpful in their major search, and then add the guide(s) to their action plan. The plan can be revised as often as the student likes.

How to See a Students Completed Guides

As a staff member, in order to see a student’s completed guide, the student must share them with you, either via email or in-person. Here you have a couple of options, so you can choose which is easiest for you:

  1. The student can email any completed guides.
  2. The student can bring printed copies of completed guides or log into their Action Plan when they visit with you.


We hope that you find the Action Plan helpful to use with your students!


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