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Ready to explore majors and work on your Action Plan? This section is all about setting up your Action Plan. We promise, it’s easy! Want to watch all four steps at once? Click here to watch the full video.


I. How to Log-In (First Time)

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1. Go to and click the Log In button.

2. Use your U of M x500 and password to create an account.

Note: Whether you’re logged in or not, until you add guides to your Action Plan (see next section), any entries you try to submit cannot and will not be saved until you make an Action Plan.

II. How to Start an Action Plan

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1. Once you’re logged in, click the Start an Action Plan button underneath the Action Plan circle.

2. You will see a long list of different titles to choose from. Here’s where you get to customize your plan and decide which guides are best for you, either with an advisor or by thinking about your goals.

For instance, do you want to think more about how majors turn into careers? Try adding guides from the Career section to your plan. Want to find your passions by exploring campus groups or internships? Look at the Engagement guides. If you’re worried about how you’ll cope with the high-demand of an interesting major, we encourage you to look at the Wellbeing guides. See how this works? Select action guides for your plan based on which ones you think will most meet your needs.

3. Once you’ve chosen what guides you want to add, scroll up to the top of the page and click the button that says Add Checked Items to Plan.

III. How to Change Your Action Plan

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1. Log into the Action Plan account.

2. Click View/Edit your Action Plan

3. Click the gray tab that says Edit Draft.

4. Scroll down until you see all of the action guides you have added to your plan

5. Press the Remove button next to the ones you don’t want to have.

6. Click the Add another item button to add any additional guides.

7. Click Save to keep your edits.

Note: You can rearrange all of your guides by clicking the cross-arrow on the left of them and dragging them on the screen. You can change the "Target Date" for completing a guide as well, or add notes to yourself in the "Action Plan Notes" box near the top of the page.

IV. How to Download/Email Completed Guides

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Email Results- Forward Email
When you submit a guide, a copy of your answers is automatically sent to your University of Minnesota email. You can than forward that email to whomever you choose.

Note: The submission links do not work when you send them to someone because only you and your CAPE Coach (if you have one) have access to your Action Plan.

Download/Email Results
1. If you’d like to download your completed guides, you can go to your Action Plan by clicking View/Edit Action Plan.

2. There you’ll see all of the guides in your Action Plan, including the one’s you’ve completed.

3. Click on the link to the guide you want, and go to their individual submission pages.

4. You can Send by Email, Download PDF, or Print your completed guides.

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